Artificial life is mostly embraced in the society where I come from, people  like to the looks on celebrities rather than being comfortable with their natural self  this has caused many Nigerians to bleech their skin using chemical concentrated creams and oils, thereby   causing damage to their skin cells and layers that could protect them from Ultra violet rays

Solving problems is a life style for me hence educating Nigerians on how to appreciate their looks  by eating right,  regular and subtle exercise, go Organic for beauty products and all round wellness and natural beauty

This has become my top priority as I am looking forward to a time when nutritional well being becomes uppermost in the Nigerian society  a time when you pay visit to a friend or family and you’re been offered a healthy home made tea or green tea in   lace of a bottle of coke or beer.

A time when eating right is in the consciousness and life style of 80% of Nigerians, a time when an Average young lady in Nigeria enhances her own beauty naturally than imitating someone else and giving in to chemical base cosmetics.  A time when physical Exercise and fitness + Nutrition gives you the right balance and perfect beauty

Hope this blog  springs up the real you ,hope you discover your true self  and stay beautiful

To the Black, Bold and beautiful you

Juliet Ezekiel